5 Desired Qualities that Make a Great Community Association Management Company 

Are you planning to leave your current Community Association Management (CAM) company? If so, this article is just for you!

When looking for a community management company for your association, whether you are beginning a new HOA, self-managing your HOA, or are unsatisfied with your present association management company, there are specific features to look for and questions to ask.

5 Desired Qualities of a CAM Company 

What distinguishes the top CAM firms from the rest? These five characteristics will demonstrate what it means to collaborate with a top-tier HOA management company.

  1. Educated & experienced profile 

The community association management businesses that are the greatest are educated and experienced. These two characteristics are not only complementary; they are requirements for a management firm to offer critical services your community needs to thrive and have successful management.

Most associations choose a community management company that knows all parts of community association management, including general administration, maintenance, finance, insurance, strategic planning, and communications. The company’s CAM manager should also have the necessary licenses and certificates, ideally from well-known organizations such as the Community Associations Institute (CAI).

  1. Efficient leadership 

A board of directors governs the majority of HOA organizations. However, just because there are leaders does not imply that an HOA is effective.

Your association’s board of directors must be competent leaders who operate with a clear and unified goal in mind. 

It is also a positive indicator when HOA board members are of varying ages. If the board is entirely composed of senior members, they may be resistant to change and prefer to maintain the status quo, even if it is ineffective.

  1. Knowledgeable and resourceful management 

Although informed management firms cannot be expected to know everything, they should have the means and authority to respond to and resolve any HOA-related concerns. A knowledgeable HOA manager must be able to communicate effectively with the board, residents, suppliers, and legislators. They can respond swiftly to queries and are always researching topics that impact their communities.

  1. Responsive customer/client service 

Unfortunately, dealing with disagreeable people is part of the job of an HOA manager. A good HOA management company places a high value on excellent customer service. As a board representative, the manager must treat all residents with dignity and professionalism. 

The HOA is made up of homeowners.  That means the  community management company officially works for the residents. It is a collaboration that should always be courteous.

Responsiveness is an important quality to look for in your community association manager. It’s an example of good customer service. 

Emails, phone calls, and letters should be returned as soon as possible. A good HOA manager will handle business quickly and efficiently.

  1. Work enthusiasm 

Many people hold a bad opinion of HOA management businesses. They believe these businesses exist solely to collect money, impose limitations, and levy fines.

But in reality this is far from the truth. Community association management companies play an important role. They run the delegated tasks and see to all the administrative duties within the association.

The most excellent HOA management businesses stand out because they are enthusiastic about their work. They genuinely care about the well-being of their homeowners and the community as a whole.

It’s easy to notice whether a community association  management company  is enthusiastic about their work or not; their activities will demonstrate this. 


The best advice is to look for a management staff that has empathy for your  community and is equally excited to celebrate your HOA’s successes.