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Community Association Property Management Shelbyville

Executing the board’s decisions – Serving the community’s interests.

Community Association Management Shelbyville

Lifting the standard of Community Association Management Shelbyville to a new level. We are tasked with up keeping an entire community.

The community association

It is natural to feel frustrated, when it’s high summer and the green areas look like jungle patches. And walking past them evokes the concern of a wild animal jumping out of one of the thick patches of grass, bush and trees. Or on a hot summer day, you decide to take a dip in the community pool with your family, but the pool has been closed due to maintenance for more than two weeks. You call management, and they tell you, “it’s because the vendor didn’t arrive yet. “

These, and other scenarios, are what Blue Arrow Community Association Management Shelbyville make sure stay illustrative stories and never become true.

To understand the roles of a Homeowner Association PM company, we need to be clear what the difference between a HOA and a Community Association Management Shelbyville Company even is.

The homeowner

A homeowner is responsible for his own property and everything within it. All the shared property however, including shared walls (any pipes within them), and outdoor property, such as neighborhood signs or clubhouses are all part of the so-called community. 

The association

The association has additional responsibilities compared to the homeowners who are its members. 

The Homeowner Association (HOA) manages the budget, and the administrative tasks involved in maintenance and upkeep of the shared community assets (hallways, roofs, parking lots, green spaces, etc.).

The board members

More precisely, board members are elected to represent the homeowner’s interest within the HOA.

At the tip of the association sits the Board. The board members are elected and represent the interests of the homeowners within the community association. They are commonly tasked with managing budget, and taking care of administrative tasks.

The association board members are volunteers who volunteer to do the job because they care about the community. The must be homeowners of the community. They are not paid, and pay assessments like everyone else who is part of the association.

The Role of a Community Association Property Management company

The property management (PM) company is the trusted advisor, and helps the community association manage their administrative tasks. The home community association management company is also capable of consulting the board members on subjects on which their expertise may be insufficient.

Running a Community Association

Running a community association is a meticulous task. It requires a sense of far sight, communication and transparency. These are all vital qualities that allow the management of the properties within a community to be as smooth as possible.

Depending on the size and type of community, it can be a lot of work, especially managing condo associations.

The board’s task is to enforce the rules and deal with homeowners who do not appreciate the rules. Maintenance has a cost factor that comes from staff, resources and vendors. That’s why economics play a big role in successful property management for a community association. 

The board members are bound to a “fiduciary responsibility”. This means they are bound, by oath, not to mismanage the community’s money.

In addition to that, the association also has to manage vendors for repair and maintenance tasks relating to all common areas.

This is a big task. And often the good will and enthusiasm of the HOA members is not enough – which makes it necessary to call in a community association management Louisville company for assistance.

Why does an association hire a property management company?

The scale of work and the degree of complexity, and expertise, that is required to run a HOA is the main reason why homeowner associations hire property management companies.

Another reason why the board of an association would decide to hire a property management company is that HOA property management companies have tools for community associations and their members, which help with administrative tasks – simplifying many processes.

Association property management companies can offer solutions for online payments and a community website.

The property management company enforces the rules that the association sets up, including legal guidelines. This includes sending out letter for fines and overdue assessments based on the fine schedule that is provided by the community association.

The community association property management company will typically also help the association manage maintenance. While they do not do the maintenance and repairs themselves, they ensure that all the maintenance vendors recommended by the board fit all budgeting, quality and legal standards. 

In many cases an accountant may volunteer to be a board member, but this is not feasible for the long term as it involves far-reaching commitment.

A property management company can do the budgeting and financial statements on behalf of

What are the typical areas a community association property management company will assist the association with?

Administrative Services

At Blue Arrow we take pride in transparency and accountability.

We take care of things like scheduling meeting dates, laying out agendas, creating plans or any other task that eats time on your calendar.

Taking Community Association Management in Shelbyville to the next Level

Especially when it comes to Community Management.

Because, we believe communities deserve better.

Shifting gears in your day-to-day community management.

We ensure that the community is in good hands and everything that needs attention is maintained and supervised accordingly.

This is not a promise, it’s our work ethic, to which our many happy clients can testify. 

Community Management

Because, we believe communities deserve better. Shifting gears in your day-to-day community management. We ensure that the community is in good hands and everything that needs attention is maintained and supervised accordingly. This is not a promise, it’s our work ethic, to which our many happy clients can testify. Assist the community association board to work with necessary vendors to handle repair and upkeep.

Vendor Coordination

When it comes to vendors, the challenge is always to get the balance between price and quality. For that reason, vendors are first tendered, then qualified and finally the board decides which vendor gets the deal. We also handle all the vendor billing, accounting and reporting that follows. The whole process of vendor coordination for a community involves more than picking and paying. The vendors need to be researched, qualified, contracts need to be created and agreements made, that is contracts signed. We assist the board in all of these aspects of vendor coordination.

Billing & Assessment Collection

We believe that monthly billing is a consistent reminder to Homeowners and impacts the collection of assessments for Associations. We offer the board technical solutions to make the billing and assessment collection simpler and quicker, like our proprietary online portal.

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Maintenance and up keeping needs to be planned and budgeted. 

There are many things that can’t be foreseen, which also need to be factored into the financials.

All these financial billings need strict attention. And the workload far exceeds the amount of voluntary time board members can often invest to manage the community association.

This is where Blue Arrow community association management differs from many other home owner association property management companies out there.