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Community Association Management Louisville

As Community Association Management Louisville, we have a mission to take care of the entire community.

The Community Association

It is natural to be sad when summer is long and the shared green areas look forested. Or you decide to take a dip with your family in the community pool on a hot summer day, but the pool is closed for more than two weeks due to maintenance. You call management, and they tell you, “because the dealer hasn’t arrived yet.”

This and other scenarios is what Blue Arrow Property Management ensures that such scenarios do not become real and remain figurative. To understand the roles of a community association property management company, we need to clarify the difference between an association and an Association Management Louisville company.

The homeowner

Everything within the own property, is the responsibility of the homeowner. Things like pipes within shared walls are considered shared property. Neighborhood signs, clubhouses and other outdoor property are also considered shared property, and together make up what is called the community. Everything we do as Community Service Management Louisville is aligned with the overall needs of the community.

The board members

The homeowner’s interests withing the association are represented by the board members. The Board is at the tip of the community association. Within the association, the board members function as elected members. It is they who represent the interests of all the people who own property in the community. Their rolls cover the handling of administrative tasks, and managing budget.

The board members represent the homeowner’s interest within the community association, and are elected to do so.

The association board members usually do not get paid for their job. They are volunteers. They also need to be homeowners of the community. And even though they do their job out of good will in the community, they still pay assessments like everyone else who is part of the association.

The association

The homeowners are members of the association. However, the association itself has additional responsibilities, beyond those that come with being a homeowner in the community.

The community association manages the budget, and the administrative tasks involved in maintenance and upkeep of the shared community assets (hallways, roofs, parking lots, green spaces, etc.).

The Role of a Community Association Property Management company

The property management (PM) company is the trusted advisor to the association and its board members. The community association property management company like Blue Arrow Property Management in Louisville, KY, helps the association manage their administrative tasks. The community association management company is also capable of consulting the board members on subjects on which their expertise may be insufficient. Such is the case with Blue Arrow Property Management, 9850 Von Allmen Ct, Louisville, KY 40241.

Running a Community Association

Running a community association is a lot of work. It takes a sense of far sight, communication and transparency to keep the ball rolling and everything equaled out. These are all vital qualities that allow the management of the properties within an association to be as smooth as possible.

Depending on the size and type of community, it can be a lot of work, especially managing condo associations.

The board’s task is to enforce the rules and deal with homeowners who do not appreciate the rules. Maintenance has a cost factor that comes from staff, resources and vendors. That’s why economics play a big role in successful property management for a community association. 

The board members are bound to a “fiduciary responsibility”. This means they are bound, by oath, not to mismanage the community’s money.

In addition to that, the association also has to manage vendors for repair and maintenance tasks relating to all common areas.

This is a big task. And often the good will and enthusiasm of the association members is not enough – which makes it necessary to call in an association Property Management Company for assistance.

Why does an Association hire a property management company?

The scale of work, and expertise, that is required to run an association is the main reason why a community associations hire property management companies. Association property management companies can offer solutions for online payments including a community website, just like Blue Arrow Property Management does for its clients in Louisville, KY.

The community association property management company will typically also help the association manage maintenance. While they do not do the maintenance and repairs themselves, they ensure that all the maintenance vendors recommended by the association fit all budgeting, quality and legal standards.

In many cases an accountant may volunteer to be a board member, but this is not feasible for the long term as it involves far-reaching commitment. A property management company can do the budgeting and financial statements on behalf of the association.

What are the typical areas a community association management company will assist the association with?

Accounting & Financial Reporting

We do all the number crunching, so you can make the big decisions.

Administrative Services

Blue Arrow is helping Community Associations lead their communities in the desired direction with transparent and reliable administration.

That includes the planing, directing, and coordination of all activities that help an organization run efficiently.

We take care of things like scheduling meeting dates, laying out agendas, creating plans or any other task that eats time on your calendar.

Billing & Assessment Collection

Each unit gets billed repeatedly and timely.
We manage the monthly maintenance fee payments for you. 
We put great priority on making sure our clients are at ease when it comes to delinquent accounts and collection.
Severely delinquent accounts are sent to collection attorney’s. 

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Community Management

We manage it, so you don’t have to worry about it:

– Administration

– Maintenance

– Financials

Vendor Coordination

We help select and manage vendors.

Obtain competitive bids.

Present the qualifying bids to the board for a final decision.

Web Portal

We offer our clients a Proprietary Software Solution that allows us to streamline all processes – saving, time, effort and money.

So you can enjoy the community while we manage your vision.

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