Web Portal

All your business needs in one place

Our proprietary property management web portal allows us to streamline our process.

Why does our platform stand out from the rest?

In short, a web portal is a web-based
platform that provides employees,
customers and suppliers with a single
access point to information. A web
portal can be used to provide the user
with personalized information such as
employee training, safety manuals or
customer profiles.

Accounting & Reporting

The portal allows users to view their
balances, view notices, view public
information (such as community
documents-Master Deed, By-Laws,
Monthly Financials, insurance).

Financial accountant reviewing data in financial statement in front of a computer

The Benefits of a Web Portal System for your Community Association

Web portals can be customized for different features related to life in the community association. They make association participation easier for residents while improving the efficiency of your own job as the homeowner community association manager. Both homeowners and HOA management can gain from an online portal for members.

Oversee projects and keep owners informed.

The difference between a website and a web portal

What is the difference between website and web portal? Websites are for driving traffic, whereas web portals are for limiting traffic to a specific group of users. Most web portals require a user to log in, which allows the site to deliver more specific content and services based on who that user is.

A woman on a glass board that shows communication and tech icons

Communication & Information

The Blue Arrow web portal is a one
stop that allows owners to
access information without having to
ask and wait for a response.

Maintenance & Organization

Submit maintenance requests, and view personal information. All your documents and files-exchange in one place, fast and secure. Sometimes maintenance emergencies happen where residents need a fast way to relay a message to the association leadership. Online maintenance requests using a web portal makes it easy for owners to report their maintenance issues and go back to other pressing issues in their lives.

Woman working on a laptop drinking water and deep in thoughts

What makes our portal stand out

It’s built specifically for association management only. We continually add and make changes to better suit our communities needs. Since it is proprietary, we can make changes in house without having to outsource and spread the costs to customize to our clients.

Based on 23 reviews
David Ayres
David Ayres
Frank Selent
Frank Selent
Tara Bassett
Tara Bassett
Suzannah and team are the most amazing, efficient, trustworthy and capable property managers in town. In the wake of the fabulous Judy Green’s (JBM Properties) retirement, our HOA had several management companies, some better than others. When we found Suzannah, it was like discovering the heir to Judy’s legacy. I highly recommend her and am happy to give a personal testimony to that effect.
Tayler Johnson
Tayler Johnson
Amazing place to work for. The owner of the company is very thorough with her responses to community members, trained me from start to be the manager I am today and I couldn’t thank her enough for the career I have that I 100% enjoy doing everyday.
Marcella Ruiz
Marcella Ruiz
Suzannah and her team at Blue Arrow don't set a new standard for property management; they are in a league of their own. My community of Westport Gardens has hired the major players in town for condo community management over the last 16 years, and Suzannah has run circles around them in just over a month's time managing our property. Blue Arrow is prompt, thoughtful, intelligent, courteous and responsive. Suzannah makes us feel like we have a true partner for managing our community, not just a person going through the motions. Plus, Blue Arrow's pricing is upfront. Do they charge slightly above the average compared to the competitors? Yes, but it is ABSOLUTELY worth it. The time saved alone from not having to make multiple calls or do follow ups is gold. Plus, Blue Arrow does NOT add the many extra charges you see with other property management companies. Blue Arrow's online portal also makes basics in property management a breeze. I cannot recommend them enough. I only wish we had found them sooner!
Lauren Boone
Lauren Boone
I have nothing but great things to say about Suzannah and Blue Arrow. She has been a pleasure to work with and has helped me deal with a very difficult HOA President. I would recommend Blue Arrow to anyone looking for a reliable, professional and personable property management company.
Julie c
Julie c
Our development has greatly benefited from working with Suzannah and Blue Arrow. She provides the Board and our resident with excellent support through great follow-up skills, vendor management, strong breadth of knowledge, and attention to detail. She consistently exceeds our expectations and I feel confident that she and her team would treat your HOA in the same capacity.