Administrative Services


Blue Arrow is helping Home Owner Associations lead their communities in the desired direction with transparent and reliable administration.

What do you mean by
Administrative Services?

Administrative services include the planing, directing,
and coordination of all activities that help an
organization run efficiently.

The specific responsibilities may vary from project to project. In general, our administrative services cover maintaining association records and documents and provide these as required.

This includes making sure the board has all documents available for any association meetings, and public documents are made available to residents via the portal at any time.

The following are just a few of the many administrative services we provide to support the board and community:

Attend regular board meetings where we review short-term and long-term operations. As your property manager, we’ll provide guidance, suggestions, and answer questions to help your board accomplish its goals and avoid fallbacks.

Maintain an annual calendar. This includes planned maintenance and administrative tasks that are planned for the current year, or the years to come.

Prepare monthly income and expense breakdowns. These include seasonal variances and billing frequencies – monthly, bi-monthly and annual expenses. This helps to keep your HOA financially solid.

Enforce house rules. Order isn’t just important when it comes to money, appointments and resources, it is also an important ingredient to maintain harmony within a diverse community. Plus, we help the board members avoid being the “bad-guy”.

Web portal Maintenance. Our services include the management and maintenance of our proprietary web portal. Electronic access is convenient, it saves time, and money. A web portal also allows board members to view invoices and other board documents. Homeowners on the other side also benefit, they can log in to access their invoices, statements, notices, and more.

Mailings to homeowners. This includes preparing and mailing the necessary correspondence, such as letters, newsletters, late notices, and minutes, or any other correspondence that the board directs to manage for them. By using the web portal, we can reduce the volume of your paper and other mechanical resources involved in mailings and save money for your HOA.

Maintain all financial and property records. This means archiving all relevant records for seven years, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). We do this by creating and storing digital copies of all your records. This makes searching more convenient and as fast as doing a web search on Google. Your board will be able to access recent as well as historical information in lightning speed. Forget ever having to search through file boxes or hand-off pounds of paper files when new board members are elected. In the case your board votes to do an audit, we’ll make sure your CPA gets quick access to the electronic records necessary. Our main goal is to save you money and make your life easier.

Maintain files for major common area repair contracts. Which makes accessing them super simple.

Maintain files for all correspondence. These include board meeting minutes, and all pertinent property information.

Maintain a current list of all homeowners. We use high electronic safety and digitally reliable methods to save their contact information.

Maintain files of house rules and architectural history. We do this for each unit or home. For your convenience and quick access, everything is archived digitally and accessible over our proprietary web portal.

What are administrative tasks?

Assisting with scheduling meeting dates, helping with agendas, and attending meetings to answer questions and create plans, among other things.

Administration is the lubricant for any Organization, including a HOA

Association are required to maintain the following documents: Master Documents (Master Deeds, By-Laws, CCR’s), Meeting Minutes, Tax Returns, Monthly Financial Reports, and Budgets.

The key function of a HOA is to ensure that the community is in good hands and everything that needs attention is maintained and supervised accordingly.  

Professionally managed administrative services are the backbone of any HOA and the key for its board members to be effective policy and decision makers.