Is it possible that my Condo Association fee is too high?

A man holding a HOA Fees sign

If you picture living in a planned community full of amenities and happy neighbors, you’re probably asking yourself:  How much is the condo association fee?  Compared to a HOA fee a Condominium Fee will always be higher. The reason is that a HOA fee is divided evenly among the owners, while the condominium association fee … Read more

By How Much Can A HOA Fee How Increase Every Year?

Fees on wooden blocks

Most homeowners usually complain about periodic fee increases by an HOA. While some homeowner complaints against higher HOA fees are justified, most HOA boards increase dues to maintain specific community resources. And generally, the more community utilities you have, the more you will have to pay. Do HOA Fees Increase? In a nutshell, yes.  Most … Read more