Collaborative Communication: Fostering Productive Relationships with Board Members

Collaborative Communication is essential to harmonize the and improve the collaboration between community association board members.

The success of a community association is largely dependent on the relationships between board members and the community. Collaborative communication is essential for a successful collaboration between board members. The board of directors is responsible for setting the vision and direction of the association, and it’s important that they have a good working relationship with … Read more

What Happens If An HOA Has No Board

A notebook with Board Meeting as a headline and a pen

A board of directors typically manages HOAs, but what happens if an HOA does not have a board? Does it still count as an HOA? What Happens If An HOA Has No Board? Like other organizations, the board of directors manages a homeowners association (HOA). This board comprises individuals from within the community that the … Read more

Understanding HOA Board roles vs. HOA Management Company roles

House Model Near HOA Rules And Regulations

HOA board members work hand-in-hand with their HOA management company to run an association. Much like a machine, the HOA board and the management company make up different parts that, together, keep the community in constant operation. The lines of accountability between the HOA board and the HOA management business, unlike a machine, might begin … Read more