How To Boost HOA Productivity

While it is ideal to have an efficient and productive HOA, this is not always the case. The good thing is that there are ways to improve HOA productivity. 

How To Boost HOA Productivity 

In most cases, it is within the interests of the HOA board to boost operational efficiency both internally and externally. This is necessary in order for the community and the HOA to meet their short-term and long-term aims. 

However, managing an entire HOA (Homeowners Association) can be tough and taxing. At times, productivity and overall efficiency get compromised. Even if this is far from ideal, it is a reality that several HOA boards have to face. 

If you belong to an HOA board and you find that your team struggles to be productive, this article is for you. 

Before looking into concrete ways to improve overall HOA efficiency and productivity, let’s look into the things that an HOA needs to do in order to be fully functional. 

What Does An HOA Do?

An HOA’s main job is to implement rules that are necessary for maintaining a building, subdivision, or neighborhood. When a certain property is covered by a particular HOA, the property owner needs to adhere to the bylaws and rules set by the association. Each covered property owner will also have to pay the HOA fees that would allow them to use common areas and allow the HOA to maintain these areas. 

However, an HOA’s function goes beyond that. For the association to fully operate, the HOA board would need to plan out the HOA’s activities and goals, settle its accounts and coordinate with vendors for partnerships. These are just some of the obligations that HOAs must comply with. 

In most cases, HOA boards comprise volunteers from within the community. Though there are times when professionals are part of the team, this is not always the case. 

It is not new in the HOA landscape for the HOA board to struggle with many different tasks and compliances. This may, in turn, affect how the HOA operates and the HOA’s overall productivity. 

5 Ways To Improve Your HOA Productivity

While these challenges are real for HOAs, these associations can also solve these challenges and boost their productivity. Here are some tips that your HOA can try out. 

Make the most out of technology 

Technology has reformed lifestyle and business. HOAs should not turn a blind eye to this and instead, ride along with this growing trend. 

\Your HOA should make the most out of tools such as email, videoconferencing platforms, and other tools that foster productivity, project management, and remote communication. 

When HOAs use these tools, they get empowered to thrive and do what they need to do even if they are somewhere else.

Go for automation

Your HOA can go the extra mile and opt for automation. If you are dealing with several HOA calendars, social media platforms, website logins, and other accounts, automation may be a good option. 

Automation can become your HOA’s best friend. It will free you and your team from time-consuming duties. It may even boost the team’s morale because the team would not have to deal with these tedious and routinary tasks anymore. 

Boost transparency

Transparency between the HOA board and the homeowners is vital. In order to maintain a transparent relationship, the board must relay certain documents to the homeowners and give them important reminders and updates. HOAs can even go as far as giving homeowners the space to be heard when it comes to decision-making. 

If an HOA does this, efficiency, as well as communication, can be boosted altogether. 

Partner with an Community Association management company 

One of the best options that an HOA can consider is to partner with an Community Association management company altogether. If your HOA collaborates with a reliable CAM company, you can be assured that such a company will guide you through and through. These companies typically offer various services, including property management, administration, financial management, and other services that help HOAs operate optimally and productively. 

HOA ideal productivity does not have to be unreachable. Your HOA can simply try out these tips and see if your association is more efficient and productive. 

Feel free to leave a comment and some first hand experience in case you decide to implement all or some of the advice above.