Should Your Association Hire an On-call HOA Manager?

Homeowners will occasionally experience emergencies requiring the help of the HOA. They will usually contact the board to seek assistance. In these cases, having an on-call HOA manger can be extremely helpful.

The board members already have a lot of responsibilities such as making important decisions, implementing regulations, and managing the association’s finances. It may seem too much to add emergency after-hours calls to that list. 

That is why many associations hire an on-call HOA manager. An on-call HOA manager can take calls from homeowners and board members anytime or night. They are responsible for responding to and noting any emergency reports and taking the necessary steps to resolve emergencies. 

It is simple to understand why an HOA manager would be hired to take emergency calls, even after hours. However, many communities do not use this service due to financial constraints. But, is it really necessary to hire an on-call HOA manager to handle those concerns? Does the benefits of having an on-call HOA manager outweigh the costs? Find out why an on-call HOA manager can be an asset to your association and the benefits of hiring one.

An on-call HOA manager will take emergency calls so the board members don’t have to  

How often does a board member receive a call from a disgruntled homeowner in the middle of the day, or late at night? An on-call HOA manager can take those calls for you. The decreased workload for the board that results from having an on-call HOA manager may be one of, if not the, most useful advantages.

Hvaing an on call HOA manager doesn’t mean you will grant them total authority. First, you must develop a protocol that specifies how your manager should respond to emergency calls. 

Then, the board will still provide them with direction and guidance. This frequently takes the shape of pre-approved emergency work or measures when particular circumstances arise.

There are also situations when your HOA manager will get emergency calls that aren’t on your list of previously authorized actions. The manager will typically need to call you in this situation to get help. In the event of overnight concerns, you can urge your manager to contact the board.

An on-call manager knows every detail about your HOA

Not all board members are as familiar with the neighborhood as they should be. In actuality, many members only apply for a board post to address a problem that has been troubling them. 

In other words, they simply care about benefiting themselves and aren’t truly interested in assisting the organization. 

So, who can you trust to handle your emergency calls with such care? An on-call HOA manager will. An on-call HOA manager will invest the time to familiarize yourself with your neighborhood. 

They will educate themselves on the rules and regulations that govern your association because it is practically part of their work. They will therefore be able to identify when an emergency call comes inside the association’s purview of authority.

An on-call manager has established connections with reliable vendors

Management companies typically already have connections with carefully screened providers. As a result, when you ask for their assistance to handle emergencies, they already have a list of trustworthy vendors who can handle the situation.

This is not only more practical, but it’s also better for your neighborhood. Finding a good vendor is challenging, and maintaining a relationship with them over time is even more challenging. Emergencies require immediate attention. However, because vendors have so many customers, getting a space on their priority list is frequently challenging.

With the help of an on-call HOA manager, long wait periods can be avoided, and problems can be resolved right away. By doing this, you’ll be able to stop the issue from getting worse and stop further more expensive damages.

A Valuable Asset to the Association

Consider employing an on-call HOA manager or management company to respond to your emergency calls if your association has the funding. 

An on-call HOA manager may assist your neighborhood with a variety of issues. 

Smaller self-managed communities can, of course, function without them, but it will require more effort on the part of the board.