What Is The Biggest Pain Homeowners Complain About Regarding HOAs?

Living in a community managed by a homeowners’ association can be great. However, there are some situations where the HOA might not give you everything you expect. Suppose a homeowner association problem is not resolved. In that case, the result can be a void in the community, increased complaints, financial issues, and even lawsuits. 

This article will look at what HOA is all about and some of the most common HOA problems that homeowners face. 

What is Home Owner’s Association (HOA)?

An HOA is headed by a board of directors, or members, typically three to five people. These individuals are elected by the owners of the condominiums in your community to represent each community. The board ensures that all community policies and rules are followed and makes decisions on major issues such as improvements, raising the monthly fees, and lowering property taxes.

HOAs are a great way to help share expenses and maintain community standards. As a non-profit, it can also qualify owners for housing tax credits and other incentives. On top of that, you can expect friendly neighbors and lots of activities to engage your time.

What do HOAs regulate?

HOAs are formed by neighborhood associations and are responsible for many functions, including providing vital services such as building inspections. They also take responsibility for managing properties to keep them in good shape.

Additionally, HOAs can be a soft or hardball type. A softball HOA is meant to provide a certain standard of living that the residents feel comfortable with. As opposed to this, a hardball HOA will prohibit tenants from doing certain things listed in the governing documents and keyed to their services. In this sense, these will be general guidelines for all owners.

What are unenforceable HOA rules?

Homeowners association rules constantly change, so you must know your rights and responsibilities. Sometimes, an HOA can fine you for breaking unenforceable HOA rules that you might not even know exist in your community. 

The way that unenforceable HOA rules are created is by using a standard method of document sharing. Each piece of information is shared with every association member and then expected to be followed. 

Many people may understand the benefits or relaxation of having unenforceable HOA rules, but only some do so easily. For those who wish to use these benefits, it is best to know what exactly an HOA rule is and how they can help regulate behavior in your community.

How do HOA boards enforce rules?

HOA boards can take a variety of approaches to enforcing rules, depending on the circumstances. Some boards include strict enforcement as part of the contract. In contrast, others selectively punish violators for avoiding costly lawsuits and for maintaining good relations with other owners.

Rules vary from HOA to HOA, and the enforcement protocol is often very different. Some HOAs can fine members for violating their practices, while others may not. Sometimes, the board can even remove a member if they disagree with a rule.

Most Common Complaints Regarding HOAs

Listed below are some of the most common homeowners association problems. 


Sometimes, the communication between community members isn’t as formal as members would like. That’s why HOAs need to have an official communication plan and system in place. It includes posting notices in each community or creating a website where members can post messages or updates. 

Noisy Neighborhood

You might be surprised to know that many HOAs have noise ordinances that limit what residents may do at home or on their property. While some just ban loud parties, other HOAs have rules against everything from loud music outdoors to housework with power tools. 


Parking violations are one of the most common things reported by homeowners. This can include vehicles parked in commercial truck spots or improperly parked cars blocking a driveway. As a homeowner in an HOA community, you have the right to voice your concern about parking violations. 

Maintenance Delays

HOA maintenance problems can lead to trouble for renters and homeowners. For example, a mold problem or infestation of insects in the common areas will affect property values. It may even require a costly de-infestation project.


Choosing a community managed by an HOA can benefit those looking to enjoy the benefits of an association while also taking advantage of low maintenance costs. But keeping your rights in check is just as important as enjoying them!