This is How Inflation Affects HOA Fees

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Inflation is a crucial matter in finance, but how does inflation affect your HOA and management in the HOA sector as a whole? Given how much inflation and HOA decisions affect today’s homeowners, that’s one of the important questions! We all know the homeowner’s association board is responsible for creating the budget from which dues … Read more

HOA Management: The Importance of Financial Services 

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Operating a fully-functioning HOA or community association requires significant time and effort, not to mention the specialized skills required.  The board of a homeowners’ association is commonly composed of volunteers with personal careers.  Considering this, handling the various vital requirements and tasks of an HOA could be extremely difficult. For this reason, partnering with a … Read more

The Secret To Community Association Success: A Community Association Management Partner 

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Community Association Management companies are typically in charge of making communities sustainable, managing the entirety of homes within the community, and enforcing standards for single properties.  Condominiums mostly have HOAs, but these associations may also manage row houses, townhouses, and even single-family houses.  An HOA membership is likely required if you purchase a home in … Read more

Why is it important to have professional Community Association Management Company Services?

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Having a professional Community Association management company in place is essential for the sustainability of a homeowners Association.  Everything from communication and billing to maintenance and vendor coordination will just run smoother with a professional CAM.  The role of community association management involves various business activities and operations. Because of the importance of these roles … Read more

How to Switch Your Community Association Management Company 

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Do you have issues with your Community Association or HOA management firm?  If your board has decided that your current management isn’t up to the task, you may be wondering what to do next.  Here’s how to switch Community Association Management (CAM) companies. How to switch your CAM company Having an HOA management company on … Read more

What Happens If You Don’t Pay HOA Fees?

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Your homeowners’ association (HOA( helps keep your neighborhood clean and safe by maintaining common areas and adhering to laws that preserve property values. HOA payments are required for these reasons, but what happens if you don’t pay them? Here’s everything you need to know about dues, including what they cover and what happens if you … Read more

HOA Financial Report: Why It Matters

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HOA Property Management holds itself to a high standard of accountability and reporting As a homeowner in an HOA, you need to be familiar with the financial report. The HOA Board should be able to provide this report to homeowners upon request. The report aims to give homeowners an overview of how the HOA is … Read more

Understanding HOA Board roles vs. HOA Management Company roles

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HOA board members work hand-in-hand with their HOA management company to run an association. Much like a machine, the HOA board and the management company make up different parts that, together, keep the community in constant operation. The lines of accountability between the HOA board and the HOA management business, unlike a machine, might begin … Read more

HOA and Property Management – What is the Difference?

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The responsibilities of HOA property management businesses revolve around the upkeep of a community’s shared amenities. Because communities of multiple-family housing units share common areas, an organization must be in place to manage them.  These are POA (property owner’s association) and an HOA (homeowner association). Both help the community succeed by ensuring that covenants, restrictions, … Read more