6 Key Best Practices in Dealing with Difficult Homeowners

Middle aged and senior neighbours talking at a block party with the community association manager.

As a Community Association Manager, you will inevitably encounter difficult homeowners. Managing these difficult homeowners is an important part of your job, and it can be challenging. Fortunately, there are a few best practices that you can use to help you handle difficult homeowners in a productive and efficient manner. Understanding the Situation The first … Read more

Saving taxes, by writing off HOA dues.

Taxes cut out on a hundred dollar bill

Saving taxes by writing off HOA dues is a great way to minimize your payables. This, however, is only sometimes allowed unless under exceptional circumstances. How to Write off HOA Dues from Your Taxes Everybody pays them! Well, almost everybody taxes. In this article, we’ll be looking at how to write off HOA dues from … Read more

Is it Possible to Refuse to Join a Homeowners Association? The Pros & Cons

Pros and cons written on a glass board

When buying a home or apartment in a planned community, condominium, or neighborhood subdivision, the property is likely governed by an HOA or Community Association.  What is an HOA? The HOA is a private organization that protects property values and those living within the community. They maintain the district’s peace and order through the implementation … Read more

What Happens If An HOA Has No Board

A notebook with Board Meeting as a headline and a pen

A board of directors typically manages HOAs, but what happens if an HOA does not have a board? Does it still count as an HOA? What Happens If An HOA Has No Board? Like other organizations, the board of directors manages a homeowners association (HOA). This board comprises individuals from within the community that the … Read more

Is it possible that my Condo Association fee is too high?

A man holding a HOA Fees sign

If you picture living in a planned community full of amenities and happy neighbors, you’re probably asking yourself:  How much is the condo association fee?  Compared to a HOA fee a Condominium Fee will always be higher. The reason is that a HOA fee is divided evenly among the owners, while the condominium association fee … Read more

5 HOA Backyard Rules You Must Know Before You Start Gardening 

Gardening tools and green plants

Most communities have a Homeowners Association or HOA in charge of maintaining the neighborhood’s safety, order, and peace. So to keep everything in check for the betterment of the community, the HOA enforces rules and guidelines covering almost everything necessary, like parking, smoking areas, pets, and even your garden and backyard.  This is why if … Read more

Identifying Neighbor Harassment and Ways to Protect Yourself

Dictionary definition of harassment

In your community, harassment by neighbors is a strong possibility. People hear advice like “just live with it” or “awful neighbors are part of human life” too frequently.  If you’re experiencing harassment from neighbors, it’s essential to know that solutions are available to help you stop this problem and resume living a peaceful life. For … Read more

By How Much Can A HOA Fee How Increase Every Year?

Fees on wooden blocks

Most homeowners usually complain about periodic fee increases by an HOA. While some homeowner complaints against higher HOA fees are justified, most HOA boards increase dues to maintain specific community resources. And generally, the more community utilities you have, the more you will have to pay. Do HOA Fees Increase? In a nutshell, yes.  Most … Read more